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How A $2,000,000 Ad Campaign Generated $7,000,000

3.5X ROI Growth With Amazon Ads:

We just finished a $2,000,000 Ad Campaign and here are some juicy details about how we doubled ROI with our new advertising strategy. 


For some reason, our client’s Amazon PPC ads were not performing well at all (probably due to the basic product page & bad keyword targeting strategy).

We really needed to show the client that he was missing out on potential profit but there was one thing standing in our way.

The client was spending $20,000 a month and was getting about $30,000 worth of sales from which 50%-60% was ACOS.

Execution Time:

What could we do? When we got the chance to run ad campaigns for a client with a $2,000,000 budget, we decided to split the sum into different sub-campaigns.

This worked well since we could run different kinds of ads for jewelry, gifts, and toys related products. The cost per conversion for the jewelry product was higher than for gifts & toys, but if the CPC cost per conversion wasn’t that high it wouldn’t matter anyway!

Well, guess what happened? All these factors combined led to our best Amazon PPC campaign ever – with $7,000,000 in sales over 3.5x ROI in just 60 days!

What factors exactly worked like the magic of Harry Potter?

  • Splitting large budgets into small chunks for different campaigns.
  • Testing 2 different campaigns with new keywords and Negative keyword combinations for a single product or category.
  • Balanced between Automated & Manual Ad Campaigns.
  • Running social media campaigns to drive traffic on top-selling product pages that helped to boost its organic ranking and lower the overall ads CPC.
  • Creating the best visually appealing product graphics and videos that represent its quality and brand value at first glimpse.
  • Last but most importantly optimizing the product page for top search queries and for keywords that we are using in ads.

Wait! we are not done yet, we also managed to generate product reviews, sales, organic rankings, and a lot of traffic by employing a simple strategy. This strategy is easy if you are familiar with the sales funnel and if you want to win Amazon’s Buy Box.